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Krempel Group


As a family-owned company, the KREMPEL-GROUP is an independent manufacturer of high-quality semi-finished products and a leading global operational systems supplier of modern materials. The electrical insulations, composites, base materials and special laminates enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide and are world market leaders in several areas. More than 900 staff is employed at the manufacturing sites in Germany, England, Poland and China. Distributors in Austria, the UK, the USA, Thailand and China ensure fast local service.

Especially for high voltage transformers there is POWERBOARD AK. It is a natural colored, hot pressed pressboard made of 100 % unbleached sulphate cellulose (type B.3.1A according to IEC 60641-3-1). The material is characterized by its high purity and its high mechanical strength. POWERBOARD AK offers low shrinkage, is dimensionally stable with low compressibility and possesses also high oil absorption.

Website: www.krempel-group.com