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The answer to your transformer’s future lies in the oil

Nynas is a different kind of oil company. Our business is specialized oil applications – we use oil to create sustainable value. Within our field of specialization, we’re a world leader.

If you need a transformer oil specialist who understands your needs and can deliver constantly high quality products all over the world, Nynas is the company you should be talking to.

Nynas has a complete range of transformer oils. Our product range has been designed with the latest industry demands in mind. It is perhaps not surprising that our standard grades are well within the latest requirements, and our high grades exceed them. This means that we have just what you need wherever your transformer is located in the world and for whatever application it is developed.

With regional sales offices covering most countries of the world, Nynas can offer a close relationship with sales people who understand your specific needs. We have a global distribution network that enables us to reach you anywhere in the world.

Website: http://www.nynas.com/transformer-oils