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Röchling Engineering Plastics


Premium insulation materials

World leader in insulating materials

Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG is an international leader in the production and machining of engineering plastics. Products for the transformer industry include semi-finished materials and machined components made from Glastic® and Durostone® glass fiber reinforced plastics, Lignostone® Transformerwood laminated densified wood and the new Trafoboard, a laminated pressboard with excellent electrical properties. All products are used extensively in power, dry, traction and cast resin transformers throughout the world.

Experience and know-how

With more than 90 years of experience in the manufacturing of insulating materials and a world-wide customer base Röchling Engineering Plastics has an excellent reputation in this industry to be a reliable and innovative partner with an extensive know-how of materials, their properties and applications.

Worldwide presence

Röchling has established a world-wide presence, either through subsidiaries with their own production or machining facilities or qualified agencies and strategic downstream partners to serve customers locally. Our latest steps in this direction were the setting up of machine shops in Mumbai, India, and in Kunshan, China. Part of the company’s well-equipped laboratory in Germany is a 200kV high voltage test system. This coupled with the latest technological findings, from scientific studies of cooperating universities having laboratories equipped with up to 400 kV high voltage testing devices allows Röchling Engineering Plastics to develop the materials essential to the electrical industry.


Lignostone®-Transformerwood (laminated densified wood, EN 61061)

  • semi-finished products (sheets, bars)
  • machined components/kits according to customers’ drawings
  • fasteners (threaded rods, nuts)

Latest innovation is the new Lignostone® Hybrid Transformerwood

  • 30% higher mechanical properties compared to same type of Transformerwood
  • cost reduction to new design approach in transformers
  • already used at leading transformer groups in Europe

(laminated pressboard, according to IEC 763 type LB 3.1.2)

  • CNC machined components with close tolerances as per customers’ drawings
  • Excellent electrical values, good mechanical properties
  • Trafoboard HD-PH: Phenolic glued pressboard

Durostone® (Glass fibre reinforced plastics, EN 60893)

  • semi-finished products (sheets, rods, profiles, channels and angles, dog bones, flexible insulation materials, wound cones, standoff insulators
  • machined components/kits according to customers´ drawings, lead-through boards
  • fasteners (threaded rods, nuts)

Website: www.roechling.com