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ASTA Elektrodraht GmbH


ASTA manufactures high-quality insulated winding material made of copper for use in electrical machinery in the high-energy sector, so-called conductors (CTC -  Continuously Transposed Condultors) for transformers, and Roebel bars for generators. ASTA has a top position worldwide in these areas.

High Quality winding material  is produced at four locations in Austria, India, China and Brazil at a dimension that is specified by the customer. It is formed accurately down to one hundredth of a millimetre, insulated with special enamel, Epoxy resins, special insulation paper or netting tape and bunched to multiple conductors or transposed to CTCs.

The foremost objective is to maintain and continue to develop our technical superiority in CTC business with innovative quality products. Our electrical components can be integrated in the best possible way in the value creation chain of our buyers and thereby increase the customer’s benefit.