2014 Cartagena

TRANSFORM takes over the American Continent

The choice of location for the TRANSFORM Americas event in Cartagena de Indias, on the Colombian Caribbean coast, was completely intentional. A central, secure location, with a beautiful historic center declared a World Heritage Site.

The original objective, under the name „TRANSFORM light“, was a regional event for 150 participants. It exceeded all expectations when at its peak, the gala dinner on the second day, more than 200 guests were served. The La Popa monastery, located on a hill, provided the ideal setting. After dinner, everyone returned to their hotel in the side-opening Chivas buses equipped with a bar. The musicians were in charge of making a hellish noise during the trip, amplified by the fervent singing of the guests. 

As on Tuesday, Wednesday morning started punctually. Three specialized conferences were held respectively and in parallel with an exhibition in which all companies of the TRANSFORM group had the opportunity to present their products. Whether transformer manufacturers from Peru, energy suppliers from Argentina and Mexico or steel mills from Peru – the right and important customers were present from the beginning to the end showing great interest. The balance made by the presenters was as follows: an unexpected number of visitors to the conferences showed great interest and disciplined behavior.

The closing was on Wednesday afternoon/evening with the presentation of the maintenance performed on an on-load tap changer. Adriano Briotto, Service Manager of MR do Brasil showed in detail how thorough this type of maintenance is, so much so that he was still surrounded by customers an hour after the presentation. For all these reasons, it was not easy for COCIER, the Association of companies and organizations in the Colombian electrical sector, to join in the success of TRANSFORM. Its specialized SIGAT forum, together with TRANSFORM America, included the „Second Week of the Transformer“.