Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH

On-load tap-changers are important devices for the stability of the network voltage. Our customer's requirements are exceedingly complex. That is why tailor-made problem solutions are developed by our specialists. Our motto: solutions from MR are distinguished by perfect functionality, low maintenance and long working life. We are not satisfied unless our customers are.

For about 80 years now we have been manufacturing on-load tap-changers and we still keep coming up with epoch-making innovations. The VACUTAP® series with its vacuum switching technology for on-load tap-changers in oil-immersed and dry-type transformers is now the most common form of technology in reactor-type tap-changers and has revolutionised resistor-type tap-changers.

We have been using this technology since the 1980s and are continuously refining it thus bringing you advantages such as no maintenance requirements before 300.000 switching operations. This has drastically reduced costs and increased availability of the transformer. To mention but a few of the many benefits: no oil carbonization, no replacement of contacts and no oil filter required.

ASTA Elektrodraht GmbH

ASTA manufactures high-quality insulated winding material made of copper for use in electrical machinery in the high-energy sector, so-called conductors (CTC -  Continuously Transposed Condultors) for transformers, and Roebel bars for generators. ASTA has a top position worldwide in these areas.

High Quality winding material  is produced at four locations in Austria, India, China and Brazil at a dimension that is specified by the customer. It is formed accurately down to one hundredth of a millimetre, insulated with special enamel, Epoxy resins, special insulation paper or netting tape and bunched to multiple conductors or transposed to CTCs.

The foremost objective is to maintain and continue to develop our technical superiority in CTC business with innovative quality products. Our electrical components can be integrated in the best possible way in the value creation chain of our buyers and thereby increase the customer’s benefit.

LTC Group




LTC Group, Legnano Teknoelectric Company, was founded by the Bertelli family, able to draw on a wealth of experience in the design and production of magnetic cores and laminations for a wide range of transformers and reactors. LTC Group is a family-run company with a managerial structure.                                                                                   

Today, it boasts an international presence and a position as market leader with production sites in Italy, United Arab Emirates and Taiwan. We are constantly investing in human resources, machinery, automation, and new production facilities in the world.                  

Thanks to a significant volume of data collected and tests carried out over 65 years of production in the transformer sector, LTC Group comes up with the most suitable solutions for any type of requirement from our customers.

HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH

HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH

HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH is the leading manufacturer of high voltage test equipment with more than 100 years of experience. We produce test systems for factory routine and on-site testing of transformers, cables, GIS and electrical components like bushings, tap-changers, etc.

Our product range includes AC and DC test systems as well as impulse voltage and current test systems. In addition, we also provide HV measuring devices. As a manufacturer of complete test systems, HIGHVOLT is an experienced turnkey supplier of large HV test fields, too. Furthermore, we offer the calibration service for measuring devices and the upgrade of control units and existing test fields.

As a pioneer in the development of mobile AC test systems, HIGHVOLT designed a new generation of mobile test systems for testing of power transformers. The new test system is based on a static frequency converter which replaces the motor-generator (M/G) sets. The compact and light weight design enables a cost effective realization of transformer testing in factory or directly on site.


Solutions for the transition to a sustainable society

Nynas offers bitumen and naphthenic specialty products for applications that touch people’s lives every day, for example in electrification and road infrastructure. Our core competence is to refine heavy molecules into high performance, long-lasting specialty products. We operate in an international market with a strong focus on Europe, working closely with customers to create solutions to meet challenges and capture opportunities in the transition to a sustainable society.



OMICRON is an international company that works passionately on ideas for making electric power systems safe and reliable. Our pioneering solutions are designed to meet our industry’s current and future challenges. We always go the extra mile to empower our customers: we react to their needs, provide extraordinary local support, and share our expertise.

Within the OMICRON group, we research and develop innovative technologies for all fields in electric power systems. When it comes to electrical testing for medium- and high-voltage equipment, protection testing, digital substation testing solutions, and cybersecurity solutions, customers all over the world trust in the accuracy, speed, and quality of our user-friendly solutions.